“Enough is as Good as a Feast” is my first and largest body of work.
The pieces are photo-based assemblages using actual consumer-goods packaging.  Earlier work from this body combined products with photos whose relevance were not immediately apparent, such as Jell-O packages with a photo of processed lunch meats. Later I moved towards using photographs of Hollywood musicals, taken with a digital camera from a television screen. These images are intended as a metaphor for the joys to be found in the consumer marketplace as promised by advertising.
Red dots denote sold works.
Enriched (gallery view)
Still Life with Food Animals
108 lbs
Harvest Gold
Ultimate Bubble
Cheaper Than Real
Self Portrait on Matchbooks
The C-Notes You’ve Been Saving
Use Once, Discard
Brand Loyalist
For The Sake Of Growth 2
Mouth Feel
Consumer Likability
Same Great Taste
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Utopiate 2
Nude on Coca-Cola Cans
Popular Demand
Today Only
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